Monday, 14 March 2016

Skinny Jeans To Trumpet Flares Tutorial

I have just uploaded my first PDF tutorial, for changing Skinny Jeans into Trumpet Flares. 

This is made with straight line and straight stitch sewing. Nothing fancy, but a great result! 

As well as the tute, you will need

1 pair of Skinny leg jeans

Fabric to make the panel that is going to make the flared part. (less than a half metre)

Strip of fabric up to about 4 inches wide, for the bottom of the panel (less than a half metre)

Seam ripper



Measuring tape or ruler

Sewing Machine. (you can sew it by hand if you need to, but it will take a lot longer)

About 3 hours (beginners may need longer)

I still think of myself as a beginner (but I am probably more intermediate, or even advanced), so I would say it is suitable for a Beginner project, because there is only one part that is difficult, and that only needs time, concentration and calm.

You can buy them from ETSY  or CRAFTSY for under £2. 

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